Ultimate “Health-Infused”​ Wellness Resorts, Retreats and Getaways 2017-12-30T06:57:18+00:00

Ultimate “Health-Infused”​ Wellness Resorts, Retreats and Getaways


Spa Joi experiences instill Chills – Thrills & Spills… The conditioning and upkeep of a fit human body is a mindful undertaking. Maintaining a physical fit entity invigorates the “psyche” and is undeniably a human being’s fundamental responsibility and obligation. However, an expanding body of evidence concludes that most people neglect to delight in this nature-imposed necessity.

Tech toxicity and environmental pollutants, constantly overeating under-nourishing, saturated-fat laced, and sugar infused processed food, tobacco products, and alcohol; not to mention subjectively subscribing to a sedentary and passive lifestyle all contribute to grave metabolic disorders and chronic unwellness.

Spa Joi experiences provide guests to an enchanting environment whereby the thermal recuperative and healing properties of water, combined with effortless and profound diaphragmatic breathing activities, serve to revitalize and restore the personal health and wellness status of guests to recruit a relaxed “default” or neutral state of repose.

Spa Joi experiences subject patrons to alternating natural and organic forms of hot and cold stimuli to elicit specific euphoric reactions from both the Body and the Brain. These effortless exposures have been scientifically proven to relieve stress, regenerate the skin and muscles, cleanse and decontaminate major organs, thus greatly improving oxygen-rich blood circulation to all body extremities.

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