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Healthy & Happy Life

Without actively nourishing our physical well-being, our emotional well-being cannot develop and ensue. Accordingly, any and all personal efforts to set personal health-wise goals, achieve desired outcomes, and most importantly maintain them. Obviously, this imbalance remains the greatest obstacle to enjoy and embody happiness.

 Happiness is the Ultimate Purpose of Human Existence. (Aristotle 384 B.C.)

Therefore, after personally investing literally thousands of hours immersed in intense academic research, there is only one unobscured and unbiased approach in which to capture and savor the boundless benefits of human happiness.

So I thought?

The bewildering fact of the matter is that there are actually two distinct and separate dimensions that distinguish genuine happiness.

The first is eudemonic happiness. The concept of eudemonia is generally defined as living a complete human life, or the realization of valued human potentials (Ryan & Deci, 2001).

The second is hedonic happiness. The hedonistic approach defines well-being as happiness, interpreted as the occurrence of positive affect and the absence of negative affect (Kahneman et al.,1999).

In both traditional and current contexts, hedonia and eudemonia are often differentiated as opposing attributes on what actually characterizes the never-ending pursuit to savor human happiness. So what’s the big deal? 

Throughout the annals of recorded history, even longer than that I’m sure, the world’s greatest philosophers, life-time academics, and countless renowned thinkers of the day, have toyed and struggled with the intrinsic relevance of happiness.  Understanding how exactly it enhances or diminishes the human experience is critical. Why is it so, that some of us can endure countless failures and despite all rationale, fight and forge forward, regardless. While on the other hand, why do others in a moment of despair, simply quit and give up, abandoning their potential? But why?

After carefully deciphering and analyzing the width and breath of the many inter-related pros and cons, and the underlying constituents of these two omnipresent extremes differentiating happiness, this is what I discovered. What is actually required, more so essentially “needed,” to actually satisfy our life-long desire to enjoy happiness is…

By all accounts, pretty important “stuff!”

Why should you care? Why should anyone care?

The answer is quite simple; really!

The fact of the matter is rooted in the human inability of charting and successfully navigating away from introverted states of crippling fear, doubt, and denial. To complicate matters further, in almost all circumstances, these obstacles are unsubstantiated. Disparagingly, most everyone, over 80% according  to the most recent scientific accounts, apparently find themselves overwhelmed by these debilitating and self-defeating disabilities. Honest, well-meaning intelligent men and women, helpless, simply powerless to initiate and maintain vital self-care activities. In many cases, most people vehemently refuse to modify a long list of self-destructive behaviors, disregarding the opportunity  to demystify and rectify their own demise.

In order to provide you with a vivid example of what I am attempting to exemplify, let me share this anecdote that recently transpired at the local Dairy Queen. My 20-year old son invited my wife and I in order to treat us to a swirly dessert for our wedding anniversary. Of course, he ordered the biggest banana split on the menu. However, my wife and I, who pride ourselves as health-conscious, opted for a small, soft ice-cream vanilla cone.

While savoring the tasty treats, engulfed in spirited conversation, I was quickly distracted by a young couple in their early 30’s. I could not believe my eyes and was struck by a flagrant irony. He was a well carved male specimen, wearing shorts and a tight t-shirt. An impressive 6-pack protruding through. In his hands, the identical small soft ice cream vanilla cone, which both my wife and I were slurping on.

His female companion, barely 5 feet high, easily weighed in at 250 lbs, or more. In her hands, she was holding on to the biggest, highest, most decadent ice cream cone I have ever laid my eyes upon. To my further dismay, her frigid treat, of course, was encased within a chocolate-dipped sugary coating. The tasty treat was humongous, easily over a foot high!

So, what’s the moral of this story?

Obviously, this guy knew how to take care of his physique and clearly exposed an envious portrayal of steadfast willpower and self-control. His female companion, on the other hand, immediately revealed a total lack of self-discipline. This display of immediate self-gratification clearly broadcast the circumstances fueling her unfitting disposition and unsettling physique.

Both of them fulfilled a hedonistic desire to simply enjoy the benefits of a cool treat on a hot summer’s day. However, his decision to consume a modest portion of ice cream is an attestation to his self-value. His choice not only prevents the physical ill-effects of over-indulgence, but also fortifies the many mental benefits associated with steadfast self-control.

In stark contrast, I am certain that his female companion actually thought she rightfully deserved to treat herself to the biggest ice cream cone on the menu. Undeterred, she carelessly tossed caution and common sense into the wind. The immediate gratification of literally, “stuffing her face” with such an illogical amount of high fat, sugar laced ice cream was somehow mentally processed as justified.

Thoughtless hedonism, versus thoughtful eudemonia!

Therefore, the moral of the story is simple. Both of these behaviors serve as vivid examples of hedonistic happiness. Both individuals were entertaining the rewards of immediate gratification, hallmarks of hedonistic pleasure. So what’s wrong with two people enjoying the pleasures of a cool treat on a hot summer’s evening?

The answer is found within the ability to distinguish the nuances between immediate self-serving gratification, or thoughtless hedonism, versus thoughtful hedonism. The outcome obviously is illogical desire fulfillment or superficial happiness. The erroneous pursuit to incur the hollow rewards of immediate gratification; the hedonistic kind, are regrettable. In conclusion, if we relate back to the definition of hedonism, it clearly states: “the occurrence of positive affect and the absence of negative affect.” Obviously, the male subject in the story clearly exemplifies this description.

However, when objective consideration towards the conscious choice and misjudgment made by the female subject in the story is examined, it is unjustifiable. Her positive effect of enjoying such a large portion of ice cream, will eventually be heavily offset by the subsequent negative effects and detrimental consequences of unwanted weight gain. Not to mention the accompanying poor self-esteem issues that will inevitably arise.

Therein lays the inherent deficiency associated with the improper or ill-perceived pursuit of hedonistic happiness.

Do you really want to know “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Why do countless men and women join the armed forces, willfully. Why would any rational person risk putting their own precious life on the line in order to serve and preserve the rights and freedoms of total strangers?

I can assure you, it’s not for the menial financial rewards. In light of atrocious conditions, not to mention the many physical and mental challenges that defy comprehension, why do these normal men and women risk life and limb? Always on guard, ready and willing to bear arms and perform super-human tasks at a moment’s notice? In the name of sanity, what kind of calling can entice someone to disregard personal safety and security? Why do so many choose to selflessly defend the collective interests of their country in order to protect the rights and freedoms that fellow citizens hold so dear?

What about law enforcement personnel, firefighters, or the millions of volunteers that offer their time and efforts selflessly? Therefore, the imposing question can only be; “what is their just rationale; what makes them push forward, grow and flourish?”


The reasoning and underlying principal are deeply entrenched within their vocation and commitment towards helping make themselves, their communities, their country, and the planet a better place to live. There is no greater example, in all justice, which clearly exposes the concept of eudemonia, defined as living a complete human life, or the realization of valued human potentials.

The Quintessential Determinants Of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Eudemonic happiness is not rooted in artificial, cosmetic or materialistic self-gratification. Eudemonic happiness flows inside the confines of a human in the process of being, 24/7. It is a state of human supremacy that starts with the actual personal physical performance and accompanying mental conditioning. Becoming aware and instituting the fortitude to effectively take care of and maintain one own’s health and well-being. Human happiness and prosperity just doesn’t happen without a plan. The omnipresent need to relentlessly strive and to invest the necessary time and effort towards feeling well and fulfilled is absolute.

These facts ring true today, as they did thousands of years ago. You can actually buy happiness, the hedonic approach. Aand yes, it will serve to satisfy external stimuli and make you feel good for a short, finite amount of time.

Hey, easy come, easy go.

Or, in comparison, if you’re really smart, instead of thinking of how intelligent you actually may or not be, please consider the following. The ball is in your court. It is your call to duty, the right and freedom to self-determination. You, and only you can decide, once and for all, to invest the time and effort, and whatever the “heck” else it takes in order to restore and reclaim your birthright. Welcome and fully enjoy the cavalcade of renewable benefits and sustainable rewards regular physical activity and delaying self-gratification actually produce. In all honesty and sincerity, it is by far the most rewarding of any and all human endeavors, and the shortest distance to life-long eudemonic happiness.

Self-Determination is the eternal pass-key to access the fountain of youth and vigor.

The true power encapsulated with the persistent pursuit of eudemonic happiness is hidden within the ability to take control and command your destiny. Help make yourself feel genuinely worthy and happy. Moreover, the additional collateral benefits associated by serving to be a morally attractive “role model,” cannot be overlooked. The genuine gratification and joy redeemed by helping family, friends and loved ones are contagious. Your community, your environment, and your planet will all become a better place in which to live, thrive, and flourish.

Is your genuine desire is to be the best mother, father, lover, or spouse possible, or simply become a better human being. This consequence starts and develops with relentlessly striving to become a newer and more improved version of “self;” never giving up.

So now, let me tell you why the chicken crossed the road.

The chicken suddenly became conscious to the fact that it needed to exercise its legs in order to purposely increase the volume of air entering into its lungs. Again; “Why you ask?”

Fact: The chicken came to the rational conclusion that it just wasn’t feeling well. Despite the fact that the chicken had ample food and a safe and secure chicken coop, something just did not feel right.

The chicken soon realized that in order to feel good, it desperately needed to conduct essential body-brain-mind activities. Therefore, the chicken decided that it was in dire need to replenish its brain with heightened, oxygen-rich blood flows, simply achieved by walking across the road. This activity actively serves to stimulate neuro-circuits, which in turn increases its brain’s neurotrophic levels. Finally, heightened oxygen-rich blood flows nourish and renew the repair and growth of neurons and the vital formation and strengthening of synapses

So there you have it, in an eggshell; pun intended. This is exactly what all smart chickens, and more importantly, any and all “smart,” self-respecting human beings need to acknowledge and embody to secure genuine happiness. Euudemonic happiness, the kind from the inside out, is nothing more than the constant pursuit of health and wellness.

Hey! It’s not “rocket science;” it’s “neuroscience!”

Step#1: Rejecting Self-Inflicted Physical & Mental Pain, Suffering & Abuse.

Currently, the single greatest challenge facing most all modern adults is physical under-performance. The personal inability to successfully generate a minimal flow of oxygen-rich blood to nourish and nurture one own’s cranial cavity impedes and deprives many from experiencing authentic, physical and mental well-being. This is accentuated by an expanding over-reliance to the apparent appeal, but life altering “collective connected-disconnectedness.” This sad and disempowering state of affairs is responsible for critically crippling individuals from differentiating reality from virtuality.

Spa Joi thrives by helping others, help themselves. This admirable achievement involves attaining the following end goal.

Efficient self-care, based upon compliance to achieving small successful outcomes in order to help build and strengthen the required self-control and willpower to empower the “self” by helping anyone evolve into becoming a healthier, better “self.” Thereafter, successfully transitioning, step-by-step, from survival mode, forging forward to thrive, and finally into flourish mode.

The pressing question is obvious. “What do I first need to do in order to become a better self?” The key here is to emphasize the vital importance of “first need to do!”

Unfortunately, and to the chagrin of billions, it is the inability of most humans to successfully achieve the “deeds to be done” part of the wellness equation that repeatedly sabotages the most vehement of resolutions. Ultimately, this single failure, more than any other, knowing exactly what needs to be “done,” but repeatedly incapacitated to manifest this life-altering knowledge into actuality, solely serves to disarm and impede any and all potential personal gains or claims to victory.



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About the Author:

Spa Joi remodels life-skills that enact wellness-wise activities. These curative activities expose guests to nature-infused environments, medically recognized to lower levels of personal, social, and/or workplace-related stress. Second, passive or near silent repose. Together, these interventions reproduce residual physical and mental fortification.

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