The Strength Secret Most Men & Many Women Neglect

The Advent Of The Health Spa Strength Training For Super Stimulation

 Your lungs and heart fuel the brain with oxygen rich blood – incidentally, the core nutrient propelling peak personal and professional performance.

Sauna Benefits For Longevity, Health Development, Immune System Fortification & More…

Learn to engage this high-return training regiment for a super-sized fat-burning, head-to-toe power boost!

Why Sweat From Sauna & Steam Bath Exposures Does The Body & Brain So Much Good

Heart & Head Benefits Of A Genuine Health Spa

Science supports the fact that sauna and steam bath exposure induce effortless, deep breathing performance that produce immediate and prolonged health benefits. These health outcomes are consistent with moderate to vigorous physical activity. Sauna and steam baths are also proven to protect against premature biological aging. But there are so many other important reasons to infuse the human organism with large and sustained bursts of extremely hot and humid air flows. Among the many accompanying health and wellness benefits:

  • The cardiovascular system: increase production of nitric oxide in the cardiovascular system, a regulator of blood pressure. Heightened levels of nitric oxide also result in improved nutrient-rich blood flows to all physical extremities.
  • The rest of the body: Deep breathing and building up a sweat strengthens the body’s natural antioxidant defenses, protecting against chronic inflammation, in addition to providing relief for most all aches & pains.
  •  The brain: Profound breathing in almost all forms and disciplines is consistently proven to be responsible for improved cognitive function, mental alertness, and clarity. Heightened and sustained metabolic performance from increased oxygen inhalation intensifies blood circulation into the cranial cavity. This vital and self-empowering activity significantly decreases the risk of cognitive impairment in adults. Altogether, these activities integrate countless peripheral benefits bolstering brain and “brawn” function and performance.

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Indigenous Purification Experience

Introduction: “Health Spa” Thermal Therapy

Aufguss: The Next Fitness Craze….

 “The less physically challenged we become, the more difficult we are able to deal with stress.”

Essential Health Spa Requirements: A human body, beach flip-flops, bath robe & bathing attire. Additional considerations can include a spouse, family members, co-workers and/or friends.

Beneficial Self-Care Is Best Characterized By Present And Future Personal Health-Care Efforts

Enacting Wisdom From Within The Physics Of Physique Intelligence

Physical health and mental wellness are critical to the prosperity of the 7.5 billion people who inhabit our planet. The way we feel, solve problems and interact with one another all depend on the health of our “being.”

Unfortunately, many modern-day individual lifestyle choices serve to increase physical and mental atrophy and dysfunction. These disorders — physical, mental, and neurological can occur at any stage of life. Starting in early childhood to adulthood, and well into the golden years, physical ailments and mental anguish can strike indiscriminately. Effective treatment is inadequate or expensive in many parts of the world, oftentimes nonexistent. This is especially the case for most third-world countries.

Fortunately, new research clearly confirms that regular physical activity, engaging diaphragmatic breathing is by far the most effective approach to improve both physical and psychological health naturally. It is a non-invasive and supplement-free activity that:

  • Empowers people to improve their overall health, well-being, and resiliency
  • Recruits and encourages immediate health and wellness benefits
  • Increases the adherence and efficacy of self-care development initiatives
  • Helps build a positive, stigma-free culture in which everyone can be healthy and feel well.

The Bare Essentials Of Health & Wellness – Despite Size, Age, Or Gender.


“Keep constant guard over your perceptions, for it is no small thing you are protecting, but your respect, trustworthiness, and steadiness, peace of mind, freedom from pain and fear, in a word your freedom. For what would you sell these things?”—Epictetus, Discourses, 4.3.6b–8

Protecting personal peace of mind requires abandoning activities and behaviors that damage peace of mind. The question must be answered honestly. What bad lifestyle habits need to be replaced with health wise alternatives?

New habits that will help secure self-respect, personal trustworthiness, free from pain and fear? There simply exists no shortcut or hack to replace the individual responsibility to respect one owns self-care duties; to act and behave accordingly. Most of all, remember that human behavior is a learned skill – good or bad!

Although the diagnosis is self-evident, the prognosis repeatedly proves ineffective.

All-empowering is the application and actualization of effective self-reform. Empowerment that derails the current state of under achievement and can enact the personal self-care behaviors mandated by the laws of mother nature. Actually performing genuine health-wise activities that invoke states of peacefulness and wellness. Before fears can subside and be laid to rest, personal change needs to be sustained. Hence, it bears repeating that as biological organisms, the essential “need” to respect several vital carnal physical functions is a mandatory undertaking.

# 1 – Spa-induced  Diaphragmatic Breathing To Produce Oxygen Rich Blood Replenishment Of The Cranial Cavity

Of course, almost immediately, heightened physical activity comes rushing to mind. As simple and fundamental as this course of action may appear to be, it requires selfless self-control. Developing and applying the unwavering willpower to abandon forsaken cravings and the shallow delight of meaningless materialistic misgivings are in order to redeem authentic self-fulfillment.

Self-control, willpower, effective self-care, undeniably the eternal staples of integrity.

Without the development of genuine physical and moral integrity, regardless of intellect, knowledge, or resolve, desired or wilful results almost never materialize.

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Surrender To The Care & Comfort Of Nature

About the Author:

In the last year, I have published articles encompassing a great range of popular health and wellness topics. The sheer scope of these 300 + literary works provides a glimpse into my passion for engaging people to learn, think, and most importantly - take action. Physique Intelligence is a relevant and empowering body of knowledge anyone can understand. The brain is an organ that resides within the confines of a body. If the body is unfit and unwell, how can anyone expect the brain to function effectively? Therefore, I offer my learned observations and the simple solutions required to regain personal "self-control & willpower governance." The human physique needs to perform in order for the brain to function effectively. Happy & Healthy Wellness Roberto Fabris

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