How Physique Intelligence Transcends Knowledge, Intelligence & Wisdom!

How Does Physique Intelligence Transcend Knowledge, Intelligence & Wisdom?

Fundamental Humanity decries that no one can deny anyone else the birth-right to personal well-being; regardless of age, gender or background. This ideal state of being is under attack because most of us are all already dealing with dysfunctional lifestyle behaviors. We all find ourselves over-burdened with the increasing number of tasks and skills required to manage modern day survival. This reality creates a worse case scenario of self-directed discrimination to unfold. Eventually, this preventable circumstance develops and acts to deprive ourselves from the opportunity to gain health, wellness, and happiness.

Therefore, it is imposingly important to ask ourselves the two following questions:

First: What constitutes genuine human health and well-being? And second: What is the difference between being “intelligent or smart?”

Human Success – Matter Of Fact:

We cannot be smart without knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom.

In contrast, we can be knowledgeable, intelligent, and wise; without being smart.

Believe it or not, in order for anyone to enjoy physical, emotional, and professional emancipation, overwhelming evidence from countless scientific studies now clearly confirm that we must faithfully perform, balance, and sustain three tasks. Unfortunately, perhaps many readers may dismiss this assertion as more noise and rhetoric, which I agree is already driving all too many of us into states of despair. But I can assure you, it is not.

Therefore, conclusive evidence reveals that a fully functioning metabolism is by far the over-riding cure-all that all too many of us so desperately seek in order to change and reverse unhealthy and unwell states of affair. Surprisingly, the solution is a simple matter of child’s play. However, important to note; there exists an extremely important dissimilarity between what actually distinguishes “simple” from “easy.”


Now for the good news! Genuine well-being is actually attainable for all of those among us who aspire to seize the opportunity to enjoy life with an authentic appreciation of purpose, self-worth, and self-determination. I cannot impress strongly enough upon the revelations put forth and why the three following “matters of fact” play such commanding roles. More than all other human considerations combined,  the ability to effectively manage these three following nutrients help nurture our unique potential on this wonderful planet.


Fact #1: A human organism cannot survive if deprived of air for more than 4 minutes.

Fact #2: A human organism cannot survive if deprived of water for more than 4 days.

Fact #3: A human organism cannot survive if deprived of food for more than 40 days.

Unarguably, these are the elements that determine life, or not. They bear particular attention because they provide all measures of human sustenance. Accordingly, the challenge we all face is to learn and comprehend how to put this information into actionable context. Hence, no one can argue the fact that air is undoubtedly the most precious element required to sustain life.

Thus, in order for us to become fully-functioning human beings, please refer to Fact #1. We need to breathe properly first. Oxygen rich blood is by all means the most important nutrient required to sustain life. It is the predominant fuel source for the human metabolism. Therefore, every human being’s primary health concern needs to focus upon the intensity and the volumes of air we each need to ingest if we want to be healthy. In as such, attempting to modify unhealthy diet and/or other misbehaviours, a healthy human organism must regularly ingest large volumes of air with sustained intensity. It is most commonly known as “belly or diaphragmatic breathing.”

Therefore, it’s safe to say breathing air is and always will be our #1 survival objective. Subsequently, for any “intelligent being” to actually believe that survival, let alone optimum personal performance can be derived without purposely raising oxygen intake is sadly mistaken. Once again, the following cannot be overstated. All activities that engage diaphragmatic breathing and force air into the bottom half of our lungs are essential to human fitness and health.

Fundamental Human Liberty – The Right To Create Personal Health, Wellness & Happiness

I hope this clears up any false beliefs anyone foolishly harbors to the contrary. Moreover, leave behind the bonds of unfounded bias and ignorance and instead start benefiting from our most fundamental of liberties. Including not only the liberty to make our own decisions; but the liberty to freely choose and command the talents required to enact our will into desired outcomes. Shamefully, all too often, for all too many of us, and against our strongest resolve, failure somehow repeatedly ensues.

Despite our most adamant efforts, many of us fall far short of our best intentions. Hence, these predicaments serve to further inflame our feelings of inadequacy. These sentiments falsely legitimize the crippling belief that we are weak or unworthy in some manner or fashion. Why is it that most of us already know what deeds need to be performed in order to become healthier and continue to do nothing about it? All too many of us are stuck, dead in our tracks, and cast aside. Why are so many of us powerless to transform our knowledge and intellect into maintaining the essential physical responsibilities required to become and remain healthy? Why?

No Physique Intelligence | No Emotional Intelligence | No Human Wellness

Finally, in order for anyone to secure and sustain sound and genuine well-being, maintaining an unwavering commitment towards consuming air, water, and nourishing food according to human biological function is key.

In addition, there exists no better example of how the “less is more” organic or holistic approach of acquiring and enjoying optimum health and well-being. Consequently, common sense clearly illustrates that without health and wellness, genuine happiness will never take hold and flourish.

Finally, for all too many of us, failure to institute and maintain a healthy balance between these three essential nutrients obviously continues to remain an enigma. So therefore it is obvious that any measure of genuine health first requires mandatory physical activities (Physique Intelligence) that ultimately drive effective cardio-vascular performance (diaphragmatic breathing).

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About the Author:

Spa Joi remodels life-skills that enact wellness-wise activities. These curative activities expose guests to nature-infused environments, medically recognized to lower levels of personal, social, and/or workplace-related stress. Second, passive or near silent repose. Together, these interventions reproduce residual physical and mental fortification.

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