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How & Why To  Mend Your Body & Brain With Organic Super Glue?

Mending frazzled and impaired core body and the brain connections is actually not as difficult as it sounds. Surprisingly, it all starts by understanding that regular and sustained “diaphragmatic breathing” is a mandatory lifelong responsibility. It is precisely this single activity alone, more than any other factor that fuels and drives human health – or not!

After all, it is the fitness of our physique that pervades our personal state of wellness.

Accordingly, biological good health relies upon efficient endocrine, immune, and neural functioning. Combined, these essential life-sustaining functions serve to regulate the human organism’s metabolism. Not surprisingly, most health problems that currently plague our modern society are oftentimes traced back to a malnourished and subsequent under-performing metabolism.

Evidently, the main obstacle to health, by far, is the individual inability to generate enough oxygen-rich blood to reach the cerebral cortex (brain). Consequently, because the brain is deprived of oxygen-rich blood, it creates a caustic condition known as “Metabolism Dysfunction Syndrome.”

Tech & Sedation Fused Lifestyles – “Anti-Health” Enablers

Hence, let me repeat, it is the inability to find the necessary time and to exert enough physical effort that is responsible for most all that ails us. Incidentally, it is this modifiable circumstance, more than all other behavioral and environmental factors combined, that enable poor health to prosper. This awful reality is further inflamed by current lifestyle choices featuring tech-induced slavery and sedation-immersed pastimes. Obviously, these realities cause obesity and most all weight related disorders. Also, sleep deprivation, heart disease, diabetes, stress, burnout, depression and dementia round off the short-list of additional abnormalities.

The good news, behavior modification can actually prevent these life-disabling conditions from forming.

Without the personal ability to exert enough physical effort to invoke diaphragmatic breathing to occur, subsequent health and wellness benefits cannot develop. Remember, only regular respiratory effort can produce large volumes of oxygen-rich blood to circulate throughout the entire human organism. It is precisely this process that enacts the metabolism to function efficiently.

Oxygen-Rich Blood & The Human Metabolism

Therefore, it is obvious why pressurized oxygen ingestion plays such a key role to being healthy and feeling well. It is the force that empowers the metabolism to effectively assimilate and process additional life-sustaining liquid and solid nutrients. Accordingly, the best brain possible starts with making sure that the body gets enough oxygen, regularly, and with sustained intensity. Evidently, science dictates that no human organism can thrive without the brain harvesting sufficient volumes of oxygen-rich blood.

There is no diet, pill, spice, herb, or supplement, natural or processed, that can ever or will ever be able to replace oxygen-rich blood.

Most definitely air is the “magic” nutrient, the one and only tried and true “super supplement” essential for effective metabolic performance.

Without Some Significant Form Of Physical Activity – All Health & Wellness Efforts Eventually Fail!

Therefore, personal self-care starts with adequate oxygen assimilation. It serves to attach oxygen particulates into the bloodstream in order for them to nourish and replenish the brain. Both common sense and countless scientific and medical studies conclude its overriding dominance in determining personal physical and emotional well-being.

Finally, it is safe to say that the quantity and quality of human life experiences depend greatly upon the quantity and quality of the air we all “actually” consume!

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Spa Joi remodels life-skills that enact wellness-wise activities. These curative activities expose guests to nature-infused environments, medically recognized to lower levels of personal, social, and/or workplace-related stress. Second, passive or near silent repose. Together, these interventions reproduce residual physical and mental fortification.

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