Doing What You Say Matters – Especially What You Say To Yourself

Doing What You Say Matters – Especially When It Comes To What You Say To Yourself!

Before I start, I would like to take the opportunity to first express my deep admiration for all of your remarkable achievements so far in your personal growth and development. Congratulations. You are in every sense of the word, true troopers and well deserving self-development entrepreneurs. In addition, please accept my utmost gratitude and respect for accepting me as concerned humanitarian interested in helping you to expand and exploit all of your physical and mental attributes. In all honesty, I can tell, creating and sharing the truth with all of my readers and followers is a meaningful and memorable experience; one I hope, continuing health and happiness help me to develop further.

The value in any relationship, personal, social, or professional, is based upon trust. The nature of the World we live in constantly corrupts our minding, and it is the extrinsic and intrinsic manner in which we process information, or not, that cause most of us to misjudge or neglect the vital importance of trust. Not only do we naturally question the trust we have for the people we live with, work with, and socialize with, but most importantly, the trust and confidence we have vested in our version of self-developed integrity, genuine or not.

The Difference Between Success And Failure

Of course, everyone knows this, but only very few actually take the time to stop and carefully examine both extremes of unlimited potential, and/or the constraining drawbacks of what genuine trust, self-confidence, and personal integrity actually involve. It distinguishes the difference between success and failure; personally, morally, and socially. Therefore, at this juncture in our relationship, before we proceed any further, I feel it is imperative that we are able to communicate with each other clearly and openly. This ability is a key component of building and sustaining trustworthy relationships. I hope you agree?

Throughout the history of Humankind, there is no better medium in which to communicate than the written word. Clearly expressing thoughts and feelings on paper distinguish great communicators. The written word can allay all measures of love, hate, pain, pleasure, accord or discord. It is for all these reasons that I am taking the time and effort to share my observations regarding the intricacies of the variables constituting constructive and prosperous personalities. Since inception, life is a finite commodity, and sensibly, no one, at any age, really has any time to waste. In my opinion, wasting time is like burning money.

Pursuing And Successfully Achieving Self-Empowerment Goals

I wish I could make this presentation shorter in order to partake less of your precious time. However, it is a necessary building block required in order to lay a solid foundation of optimizing our potential future successes together. You are now a vested participant towards the birth and growth of your own personal integrity. Physically and morally bound towards the successful development and optimal performance of such. It is obvious that we are both passionately committed towards pursuing and successfully achieving this all-empowering goal. It is for all of these important reasons that I am writing to you in order to ensure the bond of trust between us remains strong and deeply-rooted.

Therefore, it is imperative to understand and to ensure that the trust between us be established upon the all-empowering principals of integrity. Let me share with you what this means exactly.

Integrity is the primary state of physical and mental acuity to be consistent with what one actually conceives, believes, and ultimately achieves. Integrity, therefore, is the qualifier given to the mechanism of conformity to oneself (including what is not human).

Integrity is also the absence of evil or fraudulent intent. Speaking of the integrity of a person, this word refers to their honesty; firstly towards the health and sanctity of self, and consequently, their honesty towards the health and sanctity of others.

If we are unable to respect this basic principle in our relationship, eventual success, I can assure you, will ultimately fail. Personal integrity is the single over-riding characteristic of what distinguishes meaningful success as a human being. Of course, we all know first-hand, how so much easier it is to desire certain goals or objectives, despite the greatest of intentions or urgency of resolve, most all personal health and wellness initiatives are extremely difficult to actually achieve. In most all instances “seemingly” impossible.

Dear reader, I share this information with you so that you can fully understand what I expect from you as a potential follower. Once again, I understand that there are varying degrees and different stages of genuine integrity development. Age, education, life experiences, and both internal and external dispositions and desires play commanding roles in an individual’s current state of integrity. However, the greatest characteristic of genuine integrity is that it is actually simple, self-perpetuating skill.

Revive Dormant Resources Under Your Command

The previous revelations, I openly share with you, are in no way an attempt to belittle or diminish your particular state of integrity; far from it. What I am trying to point out, exactly, is how much unvarnished value I have been able to provide you with in such a small amount of time. Stop for a moment and remember the state of your desires and aspirations before having started to read this article. You have to agree, within a relatively short time, with little or no effort on your part, there is now a renewed sense of direction and purpose concerning your past priorities and the new-found state of affairs. Where what was recently foreseen as impossible, is quickly transcending into questioning and examining what may actually be the prospect of your full human potential, simply by conglomerating and applying the dormant resources currently under your command.

Undeniably, there is one, and only one reason for this wonderful opportunity that stands before you. It is based solely upon an intrinsic desire to confront and achieve the many rewards and benefits of genuine “self-care.” It is the dynamics of destiny at their best.

Within the time-span of a few breaths, I have shared my vision, based upon my age, education, life experiences, and most importantly, my current state of integrity, which now serve as new-found opportunities concerning the future of your continuing growth and development as a “whole” human being; enticed by the prospect of experiencing genuine personal and moral integrity. Even more exciting, the full benefits of your growth and development are not restricted by imposed financial constraints, renewable and regenerative in nature, limited only by past indiscretions, falsehoods, and baseless biases.

An essential requirement to engender genuine integrity is in the ability to examine and distinguish fact from fiction. It is an extremely difficult task, regardless of intellect.

It Takes Time, Effort, And Passion To Become The Best “You” Can Be

In order to effectively distinguish fact from fiction, it takes analytical listening from deep within, qualifying and quantifying the scope of personal and professional needs versus wants. Then, remove the wants from the fact-finding mission and consolidate the needs and work towards invoking the necessary time, effort, and passion towards becoming the best “I” can be! Eventually, once we are able to adequately satiate our physical and moral needs, funny thing, the long list of wants somehow subsides.

Finally, the biggest pay-off of all is in having acquired the willpower and self-control towards the adherence of daily activities required to stroll along the path of responsibility, autonomy and balance, aligned by the three primary human control centers: “Body – Brain – Complicity”

In conclusion, I share these intimate and innermost feelings with all of you in order to enter the next stage of our relationship with the skills and tools necessary to forge forward and flourish together. I can honestly not envision anything I would rather achieve at this point and time in my life!

About the Author:

In the last year, I have published articles encompassing a great range of popular health and wellness topics. The sheer scope of these 300 + literary works provides a glimpse into my passion for engaging people to learn, think, and most importantly - take action. Physique Intelligence is a relevant and empowering body of knowledge anyone can understand. The brain is an organ that resides within the confines of a body. If the body is unfit and unwell, how can anyone expect the brain to function effectively? Therefore, I offer my learned observations and the simple solutions required to regain personal "self-control & willpower governance." The human physique needs to perform in order for the brain to function effectively. Happy & Healthy Wellness Roberto Fabris

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