Spa Joi – Among Official Top Ten Happiest Places To Visit

Spa Joi – Among Top Ten Happiest Places To Visit

WO R L D H A P P I N E S S  R E P O R T 2 0 1 7

Ranking of Happiness 2014-2016

  1. Norway (7.537)
  2. Denmark (7.522)
  3. Iceland (7.504)
  4. Switzerland (7.494)
  5. Finland (7.469)
  6. Netherlands (7.377)
  7. Canada (7.316)
  8. New Zealand (7.314)
  9. Australia (7.284)
  10. Sweden (7.284)
  11. Israel (7.213)
  12. Costa Rica (7.079)
  13. Austria (7.006)
  14. United States (6.993)
  15. Ireland (6.977)
  16. Germany (6.951)
  17. Belgium (6.891)
  18. Luxembourg (6.863)
  19. United Kingdom (6.714)
  20. Chile (6.652)
  21. United Arab Emirates (6.648)
  22. Brazil (6.635)
  23. Czech Republic (6.609)
  24. Argentina (6.599)
  25. Mexico (6.578)
  26. Singapore (6.572)
  27. Malta (6.527)
  28. Uruguay (6.454)
  29. Guatemala (6.454)
  30. Panama (6.452)
  31. France (6.442)
  32. Thailand (6.424)
  33. Taiwan (6.422)
  34. Spain (6.403)
  35. Qatar (6.375)
  36. Colombia (6.357)
  37. Saudi Arabia (6.344)
  38. Trinidad and Tobago (6.168)
  39. Kuwait (6.105)
  40. Slovakia (6.098)
  41. Bahrain (6.087)
  42. Malaysia (6.084)
  43. Nicaragua (6.071)
  44. Ecuador (6.008)
  45. El Salvador (6.003)
  46. Poland (5.973)
  47. Uzbekistan (5.971)
  48. Italy (5.964)
  49. Russia (5.963)
  50. Belize (5.956)
  51. Japan (5.920)
  52. Lithuania (5.902)
  53. Algeria (5.872)


Full Report: global wellness institute study 

Therefore, logically, if you are concerned with improving your personal health and wellness, plan to visit one of the top ten happiness locations and find out for yourself why they are so happy? Logically?

Hence, subjective well-being encompasses three core elements:

1. Life evaluation—a reflective assessment of a
person’s life or some specific aspect of it.

2. Affect—a person’s feelings or emotional
states, typically measured with reference to
a particular point in time.

3. Eudaimonia—a sense of meaning and purpose
in life, or good psychological functioning.”

Then, if you dig a little further, the top 8 spots all have one common distinction. Unrestricted and affordable access to saunas, steam rooms, and genuine health spa facilities designed for superior human hygiene, self-care & comfort.

Without question, the largest concentration of sauna and steam bath facilities providing private or public spa activity opportunities occur within the northern European states of:

  1. Norway (7.537)
  2. Denmark (7.522)
  3. Iceland (7.504)
  4. Switzerland (7.494)
  5. Finland (7.469)
  6. Netherlands (7.377)
  7. Canada (7.316)

Canada commands seventh place, scoring in at 7.316. Incidentally, the sole Top Ten Representative from all of the Americas!

Therefore, if you either live or are visiting northern Europe, quick online searches reveal easy access to a long list of natural health spas. Also, over in Finland, government documents reveal that over 70% of dwellings in the country possess a working sauna. So if you are scooting around Europe, make plans to experience the sensational benefits associated with exposure to a real Finnish Sauna opportunity.

However – On the Americas’ side of the Atlantic, Canada, but more specifically the province of Quebec, unbeknown to most, secretly harbors a network of 150 + health spas. Contrary to conventional spa fare that promotes beauty and cosmetic treatments, Spa Joi sanctuaries provide guided physical and mental self-care and comfort experiences. The Montreal-Ottawa-Quebec City and surrounding regions graciously operate these immersive wellness environments and are rightly considered among the World’s very best.

Genuine Health Spa experiences involve pleasurable and captivating activities.  Health-wise wellness environments that invoke accelerated aerobic performance, sensorimotor stimulation, and cognitive, visuospatial, social, and emotional interconnectivity.  Empirical studies reveal that 15 minutes in a Spa Joi sauna replicate 30 minutes of jogging. Spa Joi Saunas also protects against many common and chronic ills, aches, and pains. Many times preventable ailments defiling large proportions of the population.

A new study from Australia’s RMIT University represents the first of its kind, measuring multiple health/wellbeing dimensions of health spa guests at arrival, upon departure, and six weeks later. The findings: a one-week health spa retreat including educational, therapeutic, and leisure activities, together with a diverse, mostly plant-based diet resulted in noticeable wellness improvement. Evidently, benefits included documented weight loss, significant blood pressure drops,  and heightened mental performance – and these benefits sustained for six weeks and more.

Spa Joi guests experience immersive wellness environments, professional physical therapist services, and affordable luxury accommodations. Discover the best possible, nature drenched health and wellness experience ever imagined.

All Spa Joi health spa and hotel partners are committed to one common goal – making guests feel great.

Where The Body & Brain Embrace & ReJOIce…



About the Author:

Spa Joi remodels life-skills that enact wellness-wise activities. These curative activities expose guests to nature-infused environments, medically recognized to lower levels of personal, social, and/or workplace-related stress. Second, passive or near silent repose. Together, these interventions reproduce residual physical and mental fortification.

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