Drain Your Brain: Health Spas & Wellness Resorts

How To Naturally Drain Your Brain To Be More Empowered, Creative, And Innovative.

Spa Joi leisure activities effectively drain the brain of worry, stress, and anxiety – all within the confines of stunning health spas and wellness sanctuaries. Needless to say, these “brain drain” experiences serve to supercharge all 5 human senses simultaneously. This synergy creates the “perfect storm.” Prime conditions for guests to experience intense “Creativity and Innovation!”

This insightful document will validate the importance of Brain-Drain-Training:

Brain-Drain-Training is the most important takeaway from this eye-opening revelation exposing the highly sought after ingredients and recipe for creating 100%, “genuine innovation.”


A-ha moments don’t just appear out of thin air. They follow five steps:





Innovation (Results)


Spa Joi health and wellness sanctuaries provide “intense leisure,” accelerating the “Inspiration to  Results” process and performance.

In addition, dietitians, nutritionists, health and wellness seekers, advocates and practitioners of all stripes and colors seeking North America’s largest concentration of Spa Joi Health Resorts for private or corporate training, retreats, or boot-camps… Hey! Look no further.

Passports are not required for US Citizens to enter Canada.

Pleasure or Pain Is Derived By The 5 External Senses

Mental Pleasure or Pain Is Derived By Peripheral Processing

Health (physical) Engenders Wellness (mental)!

Spa Joi – The Splendor & Serenity of Personal Health & Wellness

Experience the difference between feeling “average” & “Feeling Great.”


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Spa Joi – Where The Body & Brain Embrace & ReJOIce…


About the Author:

Spa Joi remodels life-skills that enact wellness-wise activities. These curative activities expose guests to nature-infused environments, medically recognized to lower levels of personal, social, and/or workplace-related stress. Second, passive or near silent repose. Together, these interventions reproduce residual physical and mental fortification.

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