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Spa Joi: Where The Body & Brain Embrace & Rejoice!

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Spa Joi Contribtors

Spa Joi is a guided “health & wellness where only one thing matters; ensuring your ultimate personal physical and emotional bliss. We are currently a team of well over 100 professional therapists, health spa operators, leisure retreats, & resorts in the Montreal – Ottawa – Quebec City Regions

What we do

Spa Joi is obsessed with helping to optimize our guest’s states of health and well-being. In particular:

Infused Health & Wellness Therapies

  1. Accelerates diaphragmatic induced oxygen ingestion, blood circulation, and cardiovascular performance
  2. Deep cleans the skin, expunges toxins, and enhances skin elasticity
  3. Relieves sore or tense muscles, reduces stress significantly, improves sleep
  4. Engenders cell repair and replacement, reconstituting new cell development
  5. Protects and reinforces the immune system and promotes overall wellness
  6. Soothes and improves trachea and bronchi passages, improving lung performance
  7. Boosts metabolism and management of blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides
  8. Antibacterial properties promote organ performance, detoxification and regeneration

Spa Joi Experiences in Quebec

How we do it

Spa Joi experiences provide guests to an enchanting environment whereby the thermal recuperative and healing properties of hot, moisture enriched oxygen incite effortless and profound diaphragmatic breathing activities, which serve to revitalize and restore the wellness status of guests to a relaxed “default” or neutral state of repose. These safe and effortless exposures are scientifically proven to relieve stress, regenerate the skin and muscles, cleanse and decontaminate major organs, thus greatly improving oxygen-rich blood circulation to all body extremities.

Alternate exposures to cold environments stimulate the metabolism to increase the core temperature generation process, and therefore cause superficial blood vessels to constrict, creating a heightened flow of oxygen infused blood. In contrast, exposing the body to opposing hot environments, in the form of water and vapor combinations serve to eliminate lingering toxins, forcing them externally out of skin tissue surfaces and simultaneously out of the human organism’s major organs.

Thus, simply by exposing the human body to alternating “hot and cold” extremes, incidentally, a scientifically recognized technique practiced for thousands of years by our ancestors, enables this proven, all-empowering ritual to effectively optimize “body and brain” inter-connectivity; serving to boost metabolic performance and as such, significantly decreasing adverse inflammation.

Why we do it

There are not enough qualified health and wellness providers who are genuinely caring and compassionate about your general well-being. Without wanting to sound narcissist, we strive to train and retain guest services providers and therapists who portray authentic passion and honestly love what they do. We stand for and cherish the opportunity to provide a health and wellness sanctuary for one and all, large and small, young and old, regardless of gender. It is a truly unique wellness experience.

Physical Therapy (Optional)

A complete selection of professional, high energy massages and pain management therapeutic services are readily available to meet and exceed guest’s expectations. Spa Joi therapist’s main goal is to provide the highest quality of care and comfort, in order to create and retain a prosperous client base. This winning formula secures repeat client visits by over 30%; performing thousands of repeat treatments annually.

We’re committed to continue making it easier for people to enjoy and benefit from truly affordable and long-lasting health and wellness experiences. So please make sure, for your own prosperity to subscribe to our newsletter! Finally, please follow and encourage our efforts on Facebook, LinkedIN, and Twitter. Help us, help you, and those you care about, feel naturally wonderful.

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