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Increasingly, well-informed wellness-seekers consider integrating “regenerative” health and wellness features into any leisure or recreational activity. No one can argue with the logic that obviously illustrates; “People who feel well, perform more and produce well better.”

Creating Unforgettable Events

Spa Joi is a premier private and corporate event services provider featuring unique stand-alone or add-on complimentary wellness-infused attractions and activities. As an event and celebration services provider of choice at leading hotels, resorts and convention centres, our guests benefit from more dynamic and impactful meeting and event experiences. Spa Joi collaborators include event organizers, all sizes of private, public and multi-national corporations, trade associations, and meeting planners.

Simply by adding a wellness-enrichment feature into almost any event creates unforgettable memories.

Consider A Wellness Dynamic As An Option For Current & Upcoming Events – Celebrations

Also, all Spa Joi activities effectively relieve and relax both the body and the brain, no matter how old-young, fit-unfit, or overwhelmed guests may be. All guests get to reawaken cellular receptors from deep within the human constitution. This regenerative biological process arouses neurons at the molecular level and provokes them into a state of high-intensity sensorial stimulus.

The sensations created from this state of bliss drive profound sentiments of euphoric well-being to surge and spread.

These wellness activities date back to pre-historic times and have now been scientifically proven to help re-calibrate metabolic under-performance, dramatically reduce inflammation, dispel discomfort, subside aches and pain, and dislodge damaging toxins and impurities throughout the human organism.

The Distinct Spa Joi Advantage

Finally, Spa Joi provides private and group event planners with the unique opportunity to overwhelm participant’s states of physical and mental engagement. The cognitive benefits obtained simply by surrendering the body to genuine wellness-infusion activities are astounding. In conjunction with traditional HR training and development initiatives, Spa Joi wellness-infusions serve to further fuel imagination, drive innovation, and engage the faculties of creativity into states of hyper-activity. In conclusion, the combination all of these desirable benefits also tend to engender camaraderie, boost morale, and foster optimal productivity.

Kindly contact with inquiries concerning your interest in partnering to plan upcoming events. Also, if you or perhaps the organization you represent is not yet ready to commit, we are happy to discuss potential concerns and additional options as well.

Spa Joi Health & Wellness Sanctuaries – Celebrating The Gift Of Life
15 02, 2018

Spa-Aufguss International Competition 2018 – Spa Kristall Kochel

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Freestyle Sauna Masters 2018 Hot towels required to battle for the coveted title! In the end, the Polish Aufguss Meister Lukasz Silecta Dluzniewski was graciously crowned the 2018 "Freestyle Sauna Master." Up against against several top international competitors, it was his great honour to accept the prestigious "Crystal Cup" handed to him by former Bavarian Prime [...]

18 09, 2017

La Rolland “Mega Recreo-Project” Set To Welcome “Wellness-Seekers” In 2019

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La Rolland "Mega Recreo-Project" - First guests expected for 2019 The City of Sainte-Adele, a picturesque community 60 miles north of Montreal, QC, will be ready to welcome “wellness-seekers” starting in 2019. Robert Milot, mayor of the city made this proclamation recently. "After viewing the new venue, and much to my surprise, construction work to [...]

25 04, 2017

Spa Joi – Dietary Supplements Unnecessary If You Have Physique Intelligence

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Spa Joi - Dietary Supplements Unnecessary If You Have Physique Intelligence Probably, you actually believe vitamins and minerals are so important that health fails if you don't get a steady supply of them. Do you know what you can do to make sure your body gets enough of all the vitamins and minerals it needs? [...]

16 03, 2017

The Healthy & Happy Way To Lose Weight

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Healthy & Happy Life Without actively nourishing our physical well-being, our emotional well-being cannot develop and ensue. Accordingly, any and all personal efforts to set personal health-wise goals, achieve desired outcomes, and most importantly maintain them. Obviously, this imbalance remains the greatest obstacle to enjoy and embody happiness.  Happiness is the Ultimate Purpose of Human Existence. [...]

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