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Spa Joi Experiences dispel many common misconceptions concerning the many potential health and wellness benefits that a genuine “health spa” experience can provide. More so when you take into consideration that 80% of current spa services patrons are women. Add to that fact that over 80% of those women never frequent the “sauna or steam bath” installations, preferring instead to lounge in a heated whirlpool or hot tub.

The recuperative benefit of hot tub exposure is mildly therapeutic. However, incorporating multiple exposures to 15 minute rounds of sauna or steam bath activity are all-empowering. These low-effort activities, followed by a cold shower cleansing, or a quick dip into any non-chlorinated water source, followed by a lengthy state of repose, ultimately produce remarkable temperamental health and wellness benefits. Recent scientific studies reveal that benefits can endure for 6 weeks and more.

Spa Joi Experiences in Quebec

Spa Joi – Genuine “Health & Wellness” Benefits

1. Accelerates diaphragmatic induced oxygen ingestion, blood circulation, and cardiovascular performance

2. Deep cleans the skin, expunges toxins, and enhances skin elasticity

3. Relieves sore or tense muscles, reduces stress significantly, improves sleep

4. Engenders cell repair and replacement, reconstituting new cell development

5. Protects and reinforces the immune system and promotes overall wellness

6. Soothes and improves trachea and bronchi passages, improving lung performance

7. Boosts metabolism and management of blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides

8. Antibacterial properties promote organ performance, detoxification and regeneration

Spa Joi – Where The Body & Brain Embrace & ReJOIce…

6 04, 2017

Leisure Activities For Health & Wellness Lifestyle Reform

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Health & Wellness! This Leisure Activity Reforms Lifestyle Deficiencies Spa Joi Health and wellness activities help the body and brain to recuperate, reform, and reorient healthy lifestyle behaviors. It is this guiding principle that best describes the essence of Spa Joi. In addition, repeated exposures are on the menu because they permit patrons to enjoy [...]

4 04, 2017

First Step To “Cash Free” High Return Investing

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"Cashing-IN" On Self-Care, Health & Wellness Investments About Spa Joi: What We Represent The foundation of Spa Joi is based upon an absolute belief that if people are fit and healthy, they will be happy and feel well. Accordingly, we help people learn and uphold health-wise activities available from within the confines of extraordinary environmental settings. Instantaneously, [...]

8 03, 2017

The Dawn Of Genuine Health Spa Excellence

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  The Dawn Of Genuine Health Spa Excellence Is Now Available In Canada. With over 150 spa resort locations, very few health & wellness seekers seem to realize that the Montreal-Quebec City-Ottawa corridor offers the World's most concentrated selection of genuine, nature-infused, wellness sanctuaries. Spa Joi is the official Health Resort Hub for wellness seeking [...]

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